Intra-African Migration and the challenge of social integration

Data from the African Union indicates that there was a 13.3 million rise in migration in Africa over a 9 year period leading to 2017. But the International Organisation of Migration (IOM), a United Nations body, revealed that that figure paints an incomplete picture.

According to an IOM report published in 2020, four out every fiver Africans state they had no interest in moving outside the continent. Migration is driven by the push factors like dire economic circumstances and socio-political instability.

Intra-African migrants have however stated that there is a palpable challenge of social integration in their new countries of domicile due to general lack of acceptance.

Rango Narzia od the IOM acknowledged that the existence of negative perceptions and preconceived biases against migrants. She however argued that circumstances that drive migration don’t make migration bad in itself but the manner in which it is managed.

She said that existing policies are more harmful than beneficial to migration not just in Africa but in Europe.

The amelioration of the challenges associated with migration rises and falls on the mainstreaming of functionally efficient and practical policy solutions. Proper sensitization could help create awareness and curtail resistance to migrant integration in societies.

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