Department of Home Affairs to offer more Permanent Residency Pathways in Australia

Fully Vaccinated International students have been allowed into Australian borders since December 15th, 2021, and 2022 appears auspicious to the education sector according to Ben Watt.

Ben Watt, who is a migration lawyers prognosticates that Australia will prioritize offering Australian Permanent Residency Pathways for International students who remained loyal amidst the two years of uncertainty stemming from the pandemic.

The Migration Program designed by the Australian Government’s Department of Home Affairs aims to achieve a range of socio-economic deliverables in 2021-2022. The overall planning level amounts to 160,000 places.

Ben Watts projects that the department will want to fill the 160,000 slots with people who have been on temporary visas. The Oceanic country has been offering more verdant pathways to Permanent Residency alongside exemptions.

As part of the strategy to jump start the country’s economic recovery, there have been changes to visa policies throughout the pandemic and more reviews are expected.

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