New Zealand concerned that Tertiary Institutions could face another year WITHOUT new enrolled Foreign Students

Tertiary institutions in New Zealand have expressed conniption over the highly likely possibility of facing a THIRD YEAR without new international students.

This was sparked by the pause in visa processing and issuance meaning that few international students will gain entry into the country in 2022. To worsen the situation, there is scheduled to be a reduction in the work and residence rights of international students enrolled in certain program which will only disincentivize the appeal of the country to the foreign student market.

The country currently has less than 20,000 international fee paying students which is under 25 per cent of the usual figure. While the New Zealand border is expecting to open in the coming months to foreigners, there has been a hold on processing most temporary visas till August 2022.

The president of Independent Tertiary Education of NZ, Craig Musson, noted that some of its members are likely to face a third year without newly enrolled students. He further noted that certain institutions, like English Language schools, that relied heavily on fee paying international students were in dire straits due to the uncertainties.

Arunima Dhingra, an Immigration and education agent in NZ, said that the government’s decision to review work and residency rights for International students would affect the appeal of the country as they were competing with the likes of US, UK, Canada and Australia who all have attractive work and residency options for international students.

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