Through spousal sponsorship you can join your spouse or common-law partner in Canada provided they are Canadian citizens or Permjnant residents.

If one is applying for sponsorship while already within Canada’s borders,  he/she is considered an in-land applicant.An in-land applicant could be an International student studying in a Canadian institution. They could also benefit from the Spousal Open Work Permit (SOWP).The SOWP is exclusively for spouse and common-law partners of Canadians who are going through the immigration process.

In the case of Temporary residents, their spouses may be eligible for an open work permits.For example, Temporary foreign workers must meet certain strict eligiblity criteria. It is imperative that they have a work permit valid for 6 months after the open spousal work permit is issued. One of the following four conditions must also be met;

1.Working in a National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level of 0, A, or B

2. Working in any occupation when accepted to an Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) stream

3 orking in any occupation holding a provincial or territorial nomination from the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP); OR

4. working in any occupation and holding a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

There are also further program-specific criteria that must be met depending on the temporary foreign worker’s situation.

Interestingly, spouses of International students may be able to obtain an open work permit if they can demonstrate to the IRCC that they are in an authentic relationship and their spouse is an International student enrolled in a DLI program.

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