100% Rise in Migrant Deaths in Spain During 2021

The Year 2022 witnessed the death of 4,404 migrants attempting to cross into Spain. This was double the number of recorded deaths in 2020. This is based on data provided by Walking Borders, a migrant rights NGO.

The data provided by Walking Borders is comparatively higher to those provided by the United Nation’s International Organization for Migration (IOM). This represents the highest death toll since data monitoring began in 2015.

Majority of the deaths involved migrants from Northern Africa who were attempting to cross into the Canary Islands. Hundreds of women and children lost their lives based on the provided data. 628 women as well as 205 children were among the deceased.

Walking Borders was keen to stress that migration control policies were a critical factor in driving irregular migration. Spanish authorities revealed that there were more than 39,000 arrivals by sea in 2021.

There is no concrete data on the number of missing persons from the irregular routes, however Walking Borders believes 90 percent of missing and dead persons have been lost on over 100 shipwrecks since December, 2020.

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