Rising Egress of Eastern European Students from UK Universities

The United Kingdom is losing a lot of valuable talent due to the new requirement for EU students to apply for visas to pursue their education.

The cost of the student visa application fees and the increased tuition cost is a major disincentive for International students from Eastern European countries.

Reports provided by the UK Home Office reveal that there is a decline in the number of European Union students choosing the UK for their education. UK visas granted to students from Poland and Romania fell below 700 in 2021. Statistics from UCAS indicated that there were only circa 1,100 undergraduate students enrolled in UK schools from the two countries in the year 2021. This was compared to 6,000 in the year 2020.

Polish and Romanian students used to be two of the tern most popular EU internationals favoring UK universities. Statistics detail that there were over 8,500 undergraduate and postgraduate students in the UK from Poland and Romania in the 2019-2020 academic year.

In 2021, only 214 visas were granted to students from Hungary. Similarly just 185 from Bulgaria and 177 from the Czech Republic. Conversely, students from Western European countries still retain an avarice for the United Kingdom as nearly 10,000 visas were approved for students from Spain, France and Germany.

Due to Brexit, many EU students have become disillusioned with the requirements for student visa applications as well the higher tuition fees and the non-existent access to government supported loan facilities.

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