Best and Worst Countries to be Born

The best places in the world to be born have been quantitatively ascertained using a Quality of Life metric called Where-to-be-born-index.

The Economist Intelligence unit of the Economist Group published the index ranking that analyses the potential of countries to provide the highest quality of life for citizens.

It evaluates the health, safety and prosperity based on 17 year projections.

The 2013 study by the economist analysed responses from subjective surveys, per Capita GDP forecasts and quality of life factors such as life expectancy, political freedoms, climate, corruption, gender equality, employment rate, divorce rate and crime levels.

The data ranked only 80 countries of the world.

Below is the list of Top 10 countries to be born:

1. Switzerland:   8.22 index
2. Australia:        8.12
3. Norway:.         8.09
4. Sweden:.         8.02
5. Denmark:.       8.01
6. Singapore:.     8.00
7. New Zealand: 7.95
8. Netherlands:.  7.94
9. Canada:.          7.81
10. Hong Kong:.  7.80

Below are the 5 worst countries to be born in:

1. Angola: Ranked 76th in the list of 80, with a Where-to-be-born-index of 5.09.

2. Bangladesh: Ranked 77th with an index of 5.07.

3. Ukraine: Ranked 78th with an index of 4.98.

4. Kenya: Ranked 79th with an index of 4.91.

5. Nigeria: Ranked 80th with an index of 4.74.

Some major factors underpinning Nigeria’s rank include the African giant’s political instability, susceptibility of children to forced marriages and debilitating health and education infrastructure.

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