UK Student Visa Fee Proving Prohibitive for EU Nationals

Following Brexit, EU nationals are now effectively classed in the same category as International students in the United Kingdom. The freedom of movement to study, work and live in the UK is now a thing for the history books.

EU students now face higher costs in tuition fees as well as visa application charges. The UK student visa costs £348 with students having to pay an additional £75 to apply for a visa extension.

International students are also required to pay immigration health surcharges as a part of their visa application process. The cost of this varies with the duration of the study program, but generally is around £470 per annum.

EU nationals now have to face tuition fees of around £26,000 with a £5,000 pound on scholarships. Access to UK tuition loan facilities is no longer a viable option for EU nationals looking to study in the UK.

This makes studying in the UK a financially onerous proposition for EU students.

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