Australia Struggling to Attract International Students

The International education sector of Australia is struggling to recover and reach pre-pandemic levels of foreign student influx.

This comes following the reopening of the country’s borders after two years of closure. The country boasts world class institutions and has strategies and sagacious initiatives in place that could only serve to turn the tide in a positive directionm

Australia’s education sector relies heavily on International student enrolments for revenue generation and the snail-paced recovery is a source of lingering concern.

Institutions are working proactively and upping the ante as opposed to waiting for a dramatic meteoric upturn in fortunes. Australian educators are making effort to improve revenue by forging strategic partnerships with countries and institutions across the awsian continent.

There is a general feeling that there may not be a quick fix leading to a return to pre-pandemic levels. However, a globally focused, labour market informed qpproqch could be leveraged on going forward.

This all comes as the USA and Canada are experiencing declines in International student enrollment from Asian countries like China, South Korea and Vietnam.

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