Economic Minister: Germany Needs Migration to Maintain Productivity

The German Government is putting structures in place to attract a total of 400,000 qualified immigrant workers to fill labour gaps in critical sectors that have been significantly haemorrhaged by the ubiquity of the coronavirus.

Robert Habeck, the German Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, stressed that the European country needed migration to maintain economic productivity.

He stated that the country had 390,000 job vacancies which is expected up to and perhaps beyond a million. He further noted that the paucity of trained personnel in several fields was becoming a source of major concern in several area of the nation’s economy.

Mr. Habeck further stated that a panoply of measures is needed including better training and offering improved work-life balance in several industries where people are more eligible to combine work with family.

He called for a rise in migration in every sector from engineering to healthcare to crafts. According to the German Institute for Economic Research, in 2022 over 300,000 people will retire from their jobs and there are not enough young people to take their place. Germany, like many other European countries has an ageing population.

Based on a report by Euractiv, by 2029 the number of persons leaving the German job market could be as high as 650,000. Additionally, by 2030, Germany could have a deficit of 5 million persons in the labour market.

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