Germany Set to Introduce it’s Version of Green Card

Germany is exploring the introduction of its own variant of Green Cards in light of the critical shortage of skilled labour.

The country is looking to encourage the migration of non-EU nationals for work. The card would be called “Chancenkarte”, menaing “, Opportunity Card”. This would serve to remediate the dwindling levels of available labour. Germany’s labour ministry  has opined that the crisis in labour availability is stiffling the economic growth of the country.

The new card was presented to the German media this week by Labour Minister Hubertus Heil. The card will allows foreigners to come to Germany to seek employment.

At least three of the following four criteria should be met by the foreigners:

1) Possession of a university degree or professional qualification

2) Professional experience of at least three years

3)Language skill or previous residence in Germany

4) Aged under 35

These criteria will not be employed as metrics in similitude to the Canadian points system but will involve a more complex weight system.

The number of issued “opportunity cards” will be limited by the German government on a year-by-year basis. This would be predicated on the demands of the German labour market.

Germany is reported to have a skilled shortage of around 250,000 workers.

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