Over 1 Million Job Vacancies in Canada

Data mined from Statistics Canada detailed the monthly payroll employment earnings, hours and job vancancy report for the month of May, 2022.

The report indicated that the number o employees in Canada that were recipients of wages of benefits from employers has decreased for the first time since May, 2021.

The survey was conducted based on data from the Survey of Employment, Payrolls and Hours which showed that as at May, 26,000 jobs xeased to be on the payroll.

The provinces of Ontario and Manitoba had the biggest decline with 30,000 and 2,500 vacancies respectively. British Columbia was the only province with reported increase in payroll employees.

17,000 jobs were lost from the payroll in education, healthcare and social work
Construction also experienced 17,500 losses in May which marked the first decrease since June 2021. This has caused delays in construction project delivery.

There are over one million job vacancies in Canada. This alongside the low unemployment rate has culminated in exacerbating labour shortages in several sectors.

The North American country is making plans to invite the highest number of Permanent residents in 2022 with a target of over 430,000 and that figure will continue to rise to over 450,000 by 2024.

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