No Nigerian Airport among Top 10 Revenue Earning African Routes.

The CEO of African Aviation Services Limited, Mr.Nick Fadugba has revealed that no Nigerian Airport is ranked among the TOP 10 highest revenue air routes in Africa. This is despite Nigeria’s humongous population and seemingly high travel rates.

This comes as six airlines earned over $2 Billion from 10 African cities with UAE airline Emirates taking the highest revenues on the continent.

Nick Fadugba made these revelations during the Airline Economics Conference in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

According to Fadugba, the Top 10 routes in Africa include:
Cape Town –Johannesburg.
Cape Town – Dubai,
Cape Town-London, and

The leading airlines in terms of Revenue generated from African operations include: Emirates, South African Airways, British Airways, Saudi Arabian, TAAG-Angola Airlines, and Air France.

The African Cities with the highest revenues include:
Johannesburg – Dubai; $315.6 million,
Johannesburg – London; $295 million,
Cairo-Jeddah; $242 million,
Luanda –Lisbon; $231.6 million
Cape Town-Johannesburg, $185 million.
Cairo-Dubai; $181.3 million,
Cape Town-Dubai; $176.7 million,
Abidjan-Paris; $175 million,
Cape Town – London; $174.6 million
and Mauritius-Dubai, $164 million.

Emirates reportedly made $837.6 milliom followed by South Africa Airways who recorded revenues of $359.6 million. The total revenue obtained from African routes was $2.1 billion.

Saudi Arabian earned $242 million, TAAG –Angola Airlines; $231.6 million, British Airways; with $295 million, and Air France with $174.6 million.

The busiest flight routes were defined based on volume of scheduled seats within the calendar period. Flight data was for both directions of the detailed route and was sourced from the OAG Schedule Analyzer in the first week of each month.

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