African Countries with the best English Language Proficiency

Proof of English language proficiency through standardized like IETS, TOEFL or PTE is a common baseline requirement for international students applying to English-taught programs in universities within Europe, North America and even Asia.

International students from African countries like Nigeria were English is the lingua franca, are often disillusioned by the need to provide documented evidence of proficiency in a language they have spoken all their lives.

But how proficient is your country in the use of English Language?

This post examines the EF English Proficiency Index which is based on test results of 2m adults in 112 countries & regions.

The following is the ranking of African countries based on their respective English language proficiencies:

World Rank

12 South Africa (606)

21 Kenya (587)

29 Nigeria (560)

42 Ghana (523)

52 Tunisia (510)

63 Ethiopia (491)

67 Tanzania (485)

68 Mozambique (482)

71 Morocco (477)

75 Algeria (474)

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