More International Students in UK Switching to Tier 2 Work Visa

Stakeholders in the United Kingdom have reported a significant rise in the number of International students dropping out soon after enrollment to accept employment offers in the care sector.

The recent changes to the skilled worker visa system means that applicants are no longer required to hold a degree level qualification to apply.

Any student who can secure a job offer from an employer approved by the Hone Office can then apply to switch from the student route visa to the skilled worker visa immediately. This can be done without the need to complete their degree.

International students are increasingly using universities as a gateway to enter the UK and switch to care jobs before they are required to pay full tuition fees

This route is effectively more affordable and faster pathway to full time employment compared to the graduate route.

This is a completely legal migration pathway but it will have deleterious impact on the finances of the univeristu as it could reduce the international student population.

Non-continuation costs the UK higher education sector more than £300 million per year, and more than 100 universities are each losing more than £1m annually in undergraduate tuition fees alone from students who drop out, according to pre-pandemic HESA data quoted on PIE news.

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