British High Commissioner Excited about Influx of Nigerians

Catriona Lang, the British High Commissioner to Nigeria has admitted to the palpable rise in the number of Nigerians applying for visas to the United Kingdom.

She stated that in light of the current migration trends, the UK Government was conscientious in mitigating brain drain from Nigeria. This is with particular reference to the health sector. She revealed that the UK Government was in dialogue with the Nigeria Government on the matter.

The High Commissioner detailed her exhilaration over the UK becoming a more attractive destination for Nigerians, particularly students. She mentioned that the UK was open to welcoming talents.

“You know, there is obviously people of Nigerian origin in the UK. So, people like to go where they have family or where they have friends. Secondly, the English language obviously makes it a lot easier.

“Thirdly is the education; and people who have studied, they will want to return. And I think you know, we are a welcoming country and we want to welcome talents, whether it’s people coming to study, or people coming to work.

“So, a lot of Nigerians will be tuned to the UK and we have seen actually a very big increase in requests for Nigerian student visas. That is partly because we have changed our policy

“So it is now easier for Nigerians, students to remain after their studies, they can stay for, I think, up to two years if you have done a masters or a PhD, which will enable people to look for work after they have studied.

“We have labour shortage in the UK at the moment. But we have to balance that because we do not also want to be responsible for a massive brain-drain from Nigeria because you also need talented people.

“So the health sector is an example where there is a lot of Nigerian medics, both nurses and doctors in the National Health Service,” Laing said.

The UK ranks comfortably alongside the likes of the USA, Canada and Australia as a preferred International study destination for Nigerians for a myriad of reasons Including:

√ Ease of admission (2:2 Degree Holders could be accepted into Masters programs)
√ Affordability (Tuition fees can be paid in installments )
√ Dependants of students could obtain visas
√ Adult Dependants can work full time
√ International students can work part time
√ International students are eligible for a 2 Year Post Graduate Work Permit
√ High visa issuance rate

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