Rise in Exodus of Nigerian Nurses to the UK

Data from the development Research and Project Centre (dRPC) has revealed that between 2019 and mid-2022 nurses migrated to the United Kingdom (UK) from Nigeria.

dRPC is a public policy think tank and made the revelations at a symposium in Abuja. The symposium was set up to discuss the Brian drain in Nigeria’s health sector and the repercussions for the sustainability of child and family health service delivery as well as financing in the context of new national priorities.

According the Nursery and Midwifery Council (NMC), the number of Nigeria-trained nurses has iincreased by 260% between 2,790 to 7,256 between March 2027 to March 2022.

Data indicated that 225 nurses and midwife’s migrated to the UK in 2019, with 626 in 2021 and 663 in 2022.

In 2022 alone, 2,946 nurses and midwives have left Nigeria for the UK. The UK is increasingly a hotspot for Nigerians seeking opportunities abroad, particularly healthcare professionals.

Nigeria is experiencing a significant brain drain in the health sector with thousands of doctors already reported to have left the country in recent times.

The director of family health at, the Federal Ministry of Health, Salma Ibrahim has stated that the Nigerian Government remains resolute in it’s commitment towards the growth of the health sector.

According to her, medical practitioners seeking greener pastures in other countries will come back to Nigeria. This was the situation about 30 years ago, SalmA said, “but the government must do something drastic to bring them back.”

The consensus is that improving the operating conditions and welfare in the health sector would suffice as an incentive for healthcare workers in Nigeria. Thus, there should be an upward review of salaries for doctors and nurses as well as improvement in healthcare facilities.

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