Schengen Visa to be Digitalised

The European Union member states’ ambassadors approved to negotiate a proposal to digitise the visa application procedure. Applicants will soon be able to  apply for a Schengen visa online, under which the current ‘Schengen’ sticker will be replaced with a digital barcode according to a report by Condé Nast Traveller India.

The new rules state that a digital visa application platform will make Visas available for applicants after they upload their data and soft copies of their travel documents and also pay the visa fees.

The rules also state that first-time applicants and travellers whose biometric data is no longer valid; and those with new travel documents will need to appear in front of the consulate in person.

The digital platform can also automatically identify the country responsible for examining the application, additionally, you can also indicate if the application needs to be processed by a specific member state. The decision regarding visa approval will also be communicated on the platform itself.

The issued visa will be available in a digital format as a cryptographically-signed 2D barcode. The 2D barcode aims to reduce counterfeiting and fraud by replacing stickers.

International, other companies have said that the European embassies have failed to anticipate the growing demand for travelling abroad.

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