UK Healthcare Sector Needs Nigerians to Cover Staff Shortages

The United Kingdom and the National Healthcare Services (NHS) continue to go through immense stress as staff shortages and continuous staff industrial actions/strikes are affecting the UK’s beloved NHS. Despite Nigeria, Ghana, and other African countries being placed on the World Health Organisation’s and UK Health Care Red List; UK companies continue to recruit from these so-called Red Listed countries to fill the massive gap in the NHS and Adult Care Sectors in the UK.

The UK Government is very aware that Nigeria has the youthful population needed to help relieve the immense stress and staff shortage in the UK NHS and Adult Care Sector. The number of vacancies and staff shortages in the Adult Care sector in the UK still remains very high thereby giving huge worries to the UK Government.

UK employers are still directly recruiting from some Red Listed countries such as Nigeria as there are no other alternatives or options to filling these vacancies which are now affecting the excellence and level of care given to the end service users in the United Kingdom.

Employers are still asking recruitment agencies to help train and recruit staff from Relisted Countries such as Nigeria. The United Kingdom Consulate is still issuing UK Care Health Care Worker Visas to those applicants who are given job offers and Certificates of Sponsorship.

Anyone looking to work in the UK Healthcare sector should complete their training and apply directly to employers in the UK for jobs in the Health Care Sector.

Source: The Punch

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