Nearly 90% of Young Nigerians Prefer Studying Abroad

A study conducted by Culture Intelligence from RED in partnership with the University of Sussex revealed that 89.87 percent of young Nigerians express preference for overseas university education.  This was detailed in the 2022 Nigeria Market Sentiments and Study Motivations Report.

The report was published as part of the ot the commitment of the organisation’s commtiment to aiding brand managers, culture enthrusiassts and policy makers understand the prevailing trends.

It was onducted by the brand and market intelligence unit of RED and For Africa, at the instance of the University of Sussex, the report examined issues surrounding Nigerians studying abroad – especially in the UK.

The study polled over 4,000 teens and young adults with active interests in studying abroad. An overwhelming majority of respondents (89.87 per cent) expressed their interest to study abroad, with a large percentage (65.52 per cent) noting that they were looking to get an undergraduate degree abroad, while 34.48 per cent said they were open to pursuing postgraduate qualifications.

The study sample size was made up of prospective undergraduates, new graduates, early career professionals and master’s degree candidates.

“The UK/Nigeria study motivations report is the first indigenous report that looks deeply into the issues that influence people’s choices regarding the institution they intend to study,” said Chief Intelligence Officer at RED | For Africa, Isime Esene.

The study revealed that the most preferred destinations for Nigerian students are the United Kingdom (32.71 per cent), Canada (16.67 per cent), the United States (16.54 per cent), Germany (10.6 per cent) and Australia (7.96 per cent).

Other countries, mainly Turkey, Hungary, Finland, Cyprus, Italy, France, Lithuania, Ireland, Poland, Estonia, Greece, Sweden, the Netherlands, Norway and China also made the list of preferred countries of study.

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