Illegal Migration into the EU nearly doubled in the West African, Mediterranean and Balkan Route

The EU Border Control and Coastal Guard Agency, FRONTEX, revealed that over 100,000 people have illegally gained entry into European countries in 2021 alone. This figure marks a 64 percent increase in illegal border crossing statistics when compared to the nascent months of 2020.

The number of illegal border crossings doubled up in the month of August with nearly 18,000 recorded cases. Eastern European borders however, witnessed a 67 percent drop in illegal border crossings compared to the previous month. There have been 5,300 deportations in 2021 so far and over 4,000 have been from the land border between Lithuania and Belarus.

The Central Mediterranean Route, as per FRONTEX, recorded a 90 percent increase In irregular migration in 2021 compared to 2020 as over 40,000 cases have been recorded in the route including Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Tunisia and the Iberian Peninsula.

FRONTEX reported 8,790 cases in the month of August 2021, representing a 61 percent rise compared to August of the previous year. Most of the illegal migrant crossing were reproved on the Libyan and Tunisian corridors in the European continent.

Libya is reported to admit the highest number of migrants transiting into Europe from Africa with nearly 50 percent of the entries into Europe coming through the North African country. Tunisia and Egypt rank second and third respectively behind Libya in this regard.

The West African route witnessed an increase of 118 percent compared to last year with nearly 70 percent of the immigrants coming from Sub-Saharan Africa.

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