French government threatens to cut number of visas granted to Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco

France has accused Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco of failing to do enough to mitigate illegal immigration and to this effect, the French government is set to slash visas to the North African countries.

The former French colonies of Algeria and Morocco will see the number of visa deliveries slashed by 50 percent while Tunisia will have its allocation reduced by a third. This action was ordered by President Emmanuel Macron following failed diplomatic dialogue with the three African countries.

A spokesman of the French government admitted that it was a drastic and unprecedented decision but made necessary by the North African countries refusing to take back nationals illegally domiciled in France.

When a visa request is denied by a French court, the immigration authorities need to secure a special travel pass from the individual’s home nation in order to be forcibly expelled. Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco have been accused of refusing to provide said pass.

In the first six months of 2021, there have been 7,731 visa request rejections for Algerians while only 22 were expelled.

3,301 rejected visa requests from citizens of Morocco with only 80 expelled while 131 Tunisians were expelled against 3,424 visa request rejections.

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