Recent study identifies 5 bachelor degrees that yield profits and 5 that don’t

The capstone objective of a college degree is the pecuniary returns on tuition investments. Unfortunately, it is not often the case that one’s degree would translate to a remuneration suitable to offset the costs associated with tuition and overall attendance.

The USA has one of the most expensive college costs in the world yet attracts students from hundreds of countries annually. Many times, tuition is funded through loans with a commitment to pay off

Dr. Andrew Gillen of the Texas Policy Centre carried out a comparative study to assess the average student loan debt against the salaries of recent graduates. The objective of the study was to offer a pragmatic, evidence based insight into the economic viability of one’s choice of study.

The study revealed Bachelor’s programs in STEM to be the most profitable. The top five undergraduate degrees include:

1. Computer Science

2. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

3. Chemical Engineering

4. Registered Nursing, Nursing Administration, Nursing Research and Clinical Nursing

5. Mechanical Engineering

Computer Science graduates earned around $70,000 per annum while paying off $21,000 worth of federal student loan debt.

The top five programs with the lowest earning potential include:

1. Drama/Theatre Arts and Stagecraft

2. Film/Video and Photographic Arts

3. Fine and Studio Arts

4. Music

4. Psychology, General

Psychology graduates had remuneration packages of under $30,000 despite their choice of a medical field of study.

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