Portugal; an Increasingly attractive option for International Students

The surreptitious decline in the population of Portugal has resulted in its plummeting economy. One of the subterfuge solutions been exploited by the government is to bring in skilled and talented individuals from all over the globe to study in the Iberian country.

The country boasts a long and rich history of munificence towards immigrants and this alongside other reasons is why it should be on the top of the list of prospective International Students.

There are over 120 public and private higher education institutions in the country including Universities and polytechnics that offer qualitative education at very affordable costs. The entire cost of attendance including living costs and tuition is affordable compared to other popular European destinations like the UK, Ireland and Norway.

While Portuguese may be the official language of communication, many programs are offered with English as the medium of instruction.

The one major downside to schooling Portugal would be the difficulty in securing employment post graduation due to the paucity of opportunities that make labour demand highly competitive, Priority is often given to Portuguese nationals and EU passport holders.

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